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Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Hello! Let me introduce myself, I am a mother.... I say that first because as much as people say their children don't define them.... that's just bullshit lol. Becoming a mother defines many many days and nights and it changes you in ways you love and in ways you hate. The normalcy of being pooped on, peed on or puked on is not something I just cherish with all my soul.... it fucking sucked pretty much every time. It also helped me grow as a person and I do love the fact that it led me to many unexpected baths that usually ended in giggles, or comfort cuddles for my girls while they were sick. My life changed the day I found out I was pregnant, and my future changed completely, so the person I am now is pretty much defined by my two girls. The choices I make everyday revolve around if they have practice or their pick up and drop off time at school. Although they do define who I am, many other things also define me. Yeah, shocker women can be more than one thing lol.

I am also a daughter to an amazing mother whom taught me many things and showed me how to be a great mom, through her successes and her struggles. I am a sister to many siblings.... half siblings, step siblings, siblings I grew up with that technically are not siblings and one sibling, in all 12 of us, that I have the same mom and dad.... which is technically impossible not to since she's my twin sister. To say the least growing up was a little chaotic, 4 of us were the same age, in the same grade at the same school. Since one was a step brother who I didn't live with people always forgot we were related lol, and the other I lived with but wasn't my step sister or half sister and people forgot we grew up in the same house...confused yet? Then I found out about a sisterI didn't know I had when I was oh around 16 and that was fun blowing that secret wide open, especially since she was younger than me. With lots of failed relationships and I guess a few failed flings lol my family has always been big and chaotic. The chaos was always easier with my sister, there is nothing like having a twin sister, a bestfriend who no matter what has your back, tells you the truth and is always ready to rescue you if you need saving. Which I have from time to time needed saving lol.

I am also a business owner, living that Boss Bitch life and killing it.... kind of.... failing magnificently at the very least lol. I am determined to teach my girls that they can do anything they put their mind to and give them a strong and independent woman to look up to, or atleast learn from. Although I've realised the learning stage of childhood ends at oh around 14 or 15 when they clearly have learned all you have to teach and have no interest in hearing my advise lol. Luckily I still have a little one who just adores me lol. I've recently opened a second business which I am just now getting off the ground. I have a need to create or be creative.

I have had a few life altering events, some of them were pretty amazing, and some not so amazing. The not so amazing ones have changed me in many many ways, and the latest one has altered my life and my girls lives in the craziest, worst, unimaginable ways possible and I'm still trying to get through it and just make a life for us out of what is left of the shitshow I was left with. That event is a much longer story and we will get into that more later. Just imagine all of the crazy lifetime movies... not the love ones, but the crazy ex ones.... put those together, mix in a little "You" and then add in "The Most Hated Man On The Internet" and some fucked up other incredibly offensive and illegal shit, not on my part.... and that's my life.

I know I'm not the only one who constantly thinks they are living in a shitshow so I'm here to share, to listen, to ask questions and to engage others in their successes and failures and all the things in between. I laugh at myself all the time and find the humor in most things, it helps me process the trauma and the chaos so this won't be a super negative cry my eyes out kind of blog... I mean I'll cry, a lot, but I will also laugh and grow and learn. I am eternally optimistic and kind of addicted to knowledge so when shit burns down, I find a way to fix it. At the very least I find a way to push through because I know I am stronger than anything that has happened to me so far.... and that's a lot trust me... so if I am still here... with my just adorable infectious sense of humor (My love language is sarcasm) then I can figure out anything. So if your here for some laughs, maybe some tears, some venting and some heated discussions about burning down your ex, or atleast jokes about it lol.... I'm happy to have you!

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